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World Handicap System

24 APR 2020

As many of you are aware and some of you are already familiar with the new changes to our handicap system.  Prior to 2020, there were six different systems of handicapping around the world.  These systems were all trying to accomplish the same goal of providing equitable play. With different formulas and course ratings, it caused complications for golfers around the world.  After the rule changes in 2019, 2020 was the best time to move to one World Handicap System.

Our Handicap Committee, Brian Gore (Handicap Chair) and Maggie Sullivan (Women’s Representative), along with our Professional team have been busy learning about the new World Handicap System. This is a very important change for 2020 in how your handicap is calculated best eight of 20, new double bogey plus equitable stroke control, maximum handicap and important course handicap which removes the extra calculation for playing from different tees (which is very common at our club during competitions). With this pause in many of our lives here are some links which will help you to learn more about these important changes:  

Club Presentation Video - Click Here -  The Club presentation is 26 minutes and can be paused/stopped and re-watched at any time as it is available on our YouTube Channel.  It highlights the major changes in the WHS that all members who carry a Handicap Index need to know. Obviously, at this time we don’t know exactly when the start of the season will be.

Club Presentation Webinar - Click Here - Webinar Sign Up (30-minute session)

Rules of Handicapping - Click Here - book available in PDF online 

World Handicap System FAQ - Click Here

WHS Quick Reference Placemat - Click Here

During this time of social distancing, it is also important to download the Golf Canada App on your phone.  This App makes it easy to entire scores, track your index, lookup handicaps and convert your index to a course handicap.  If you need any assistance with this or you have any handicap questions please contact Nate Robinson at