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Golf Policies

Reciprocal Playing Policies

Silver Members 

Access to Silver, Gold and Core Daily Fee* Clubs without a reciprocal fee and subject to availability. Silver Club Members have reciprocal access to Platinum Member Clubs for a reciprocal fee of $70 and Prestige Member Clubs for a reciprocal fee of $85. In the event a Silver Member introduces three paying guests at one time, the reciprocal fee is waived when playing at Prestige and Platinum Member Clubs. The reciprocal fee is also waived at Platinum Member Clubs if the Silver Member's Club is closed the entire day for a non-Member, full-shotgun event. 

Gold Members 

Access to Platinum, Gold, Silver and Core Daily Fee* Clubs without a reciprocal fee and subject to availability. Gold Club Members have reciprocal access to Prestige Member Clubs for a reciprocal fee of $80. In the event a Gold Member introduces three paying guests at one time, the reciprocal fee is waived when playing at Prestige Member Clubs. The reciprocal fee is also waived at Prestige Member Clubs if the Gold Member's Club is closed for the entire day for a non-Member, full-shotgun event. 

Prestige and Platinum Members 

Access to Prestige, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Daily Fee* Clubs, without a reciprocal fee and subject to availability. 

*Excluding Glen Abbey 

Home Club Tee Time Access Priority

To protect Members' access to tee times at their Home Club during high demand periods, the Director of Operations at each property will designate an appropriate amount of tee times that can only be booked by Home Club Members. During highest demand periods (primarily weekend mornings before 11 a.m. at most Clubs), tee time access may be restricted to Home Club Full Golf Members only (InterClub Members, guests or Home Club Members that do not have Full Golf privileges would not have access). There are also high demand periods where tee time access may be restricted to a 1:1 ratio of Home Club Members to non-Home Club Members.  

High-demand periods vary by club and are defined by Home Club Member play patterns.  

Tee time access restrictions may be adjusted closer to the day of play if Home Club Member demand is lower than anticipated. 

Peak Time Play Definitions for Junior Member Access Restrictions

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays opening until 2 p.m.  

Fridays opening to Family Twilight.  

Wednesdays and Thursdays between noon and Family Twilight.  

Resort Clubs and Daily Fee Clubs follow similar restrictions but vary by shoulder and peak seasons. 

Golfing Guests

Members can book with up to three guests outside of high-demand restricted tee times (see Home Club Access Priority above). Requests for additional guests are subject to availability only and may be made through the Director of Operations at your Home Club. This applies at your Home Club or for Reciprocal Play. The frequency for introduction of the same guest is limited to twice per month. However, out-of-town golfing guests of Members may play an unlimited number of rounds, upon payment of the applicable guest fee in any two-week period, once per season.

Guests must always be accompanied by a ClubLink Member, unless prior arrangements are made through the Head Professional or Director of Operations.

Walk or Ride Along Policy

Non-golfing Members/Guests are not permitted to walk or ride along with playing Members/Guests while on the golf course. This includes non-golfing spouses or children.

Course Etiquette (General Information) Including Safety

Please use this information as a reference and see the Golf Shop staff if you have any questions.

  • Always replace your divots and/or fill with sand and seed mix provided

  • Keep pace during your round

  • Be quiet when golfers are preparing to hit their shot

  • Always rake bunkers after use

  • Play `Ready Golf' but always be aware of fellow golfers' position around you

  • Respect on course signage and directions from Starters and Play Coordinators

Members must check-in (with golf shop, golf services or starter) prior to accessing the golf course or using the practice facilities at any ClubLink Club. 

Members must sign chits when making any purchases on their ClubLink account. 

ClubLink Member Access to Glen Abbey

Members have access to Glen Abbey for a reciprocal fee of $83.50 plus a mandatory cart fee. The reciprocal fee will be waived when a Member introduces three or more guests. The reciprocal fee is not waived when a Member's home course is closed for a Member or Corporate shotgun event. 

Tee times may be booked up to five days in advance and are subject to availability.  

Tee Time Reservations

Members have five-day advance booking privileges. Tee times at all courses may be booked through LinkLine OnLine or LinkLine call center at 1-800-273-5113. When booking tee times, Members are asked to provide the name of each Member in their group to avoid duplicate bookings, and any guest names where applicable. During certain peak demand times, InterClub Members and/or guests may not be permitted.

In the event that Home Club Members are unable to obtain a tee time during certain peak demand times, or wish to improve the tee time obtained, many of our Clubs utilize a tee time waiting list service. To be placed onto the tee time waiting list, please contact LinkLine or your Home Club golf shop.  

Tee Time Cancellations

Non-weather related tee time cancellations are required no less than 24 hours prior to play. Cancellations or adjustments to tee times can be done through LinkLine OnLine or the LinkLine call center at 1-800-273-5113. A fee may apply for full or partial no-shows, or for cancellations made inside 24 hours from time of play. If you need to cancel a tee time inside 24 hours from the time of play, no show fees can be avoided if other Members are able to utilize the time that is cancelled. Please email so that our Member Services team can coordinate bookings for Members on the tee time waiting list at various Clubs.

For Daily Fee bookings, all cancellations require no less than 48 hours prior to play, a rain check will be provided for cancellations of prepaid tee times inside 48 hours.  

Dress Code Policy

Our Clubs offer a progressive atmosphere that recognizes the contemporary lifestyle of our Members and guests. Tasteful and respectful attire is expected in all public areas of the Club. As a courtesy to each other, we ask Members and their guests to follow the following guidelines: 
Appropriate golf course attire for men include: Tops designed and tailored for golf (including mock necks); bottoms designed and tailored for golf (excludes denim); golf shoes or athletic shoes without spikes; caps should always be worn with the peak forward; tops must be tucked in unless they are designed to be worn untucked. 

Appropriate golf course attire for women include: tops designed and tailored for golf (including those without collars or sleeves); bottoms designed and tailored for golf (leggings are acceptable, denim is not); golf shoes or athletic shoes without spikes; caps should always be worn with the peak forward.  Dresses tailored for golf and appropriate length are acceptable. 

Appropriate clubhouse attire includes: all golf attire as noted above; denim and other casual wear in good repair and tastefully tailored is acceptable. Caps are not to be worn in the dining room. Note that some Clubs may exercise discretionary dress regulations in certain areas of the clubhouse at certain times.  If you are unsure of the appropriateness of your attire, please contact your local Club to confirm. 

We also ask Members to please forward a copy of the Dress Code to their guest(s) prior to their arrival at the Club to help eliminate any potential dress code issues. 

Soft Spikes

ClubLink courses are soft spike only. This policy reflects our ongoing effort to provide you with the best possible course conditions. Please make every effort to communicate this policy to your guests. 

Cart Rental

ClubLink provides complimentary access to push carts for Members and guests at all Member Clubs. Power carts are mandatory at Glen AbbeyA power cart rental fee will apply on a per rider basis for all Members and guests who ride a power cart.  In conjunction with the rental a golf cart, the driver/renter of the cart accepts that he or she will operate the cart in a safe manner, will adhere to all rules set forth by the Club and/or ClubLink, and accepts complete liability for any damages to the golf cart or personal property. The driver/renter voluntarily agrees and accepts the risks of using a golf cart, and on behalf of the driver/renter, any passengers in the cart, any personal representatives and heirs hereby voluntarily release ClubLink its owners, officers, employees, and agents from any and all claims, actions, causes of actions, suits, judgments that may in any way or manner arise out of use of the golf cart. It is strictly forbidden that a minor or any individual without a valid driver’s license operate the golf cart. The driver/renter of the golf cart will return the golf cart to the locally designated return area, not leave the golf cart in the car parking lot and for further safety will have possession/control of golf cart keys if the golf cart is ever left unattended. 

Personal Golf Vehicles and Power Caddies

The use of personal golf vehicles such as golf bikes, golf boards, Segways and others are prohibited on ClubLink property.

Power caddies and other equipment not designed to transport a golfer are welcome. Persons with disabilities may use their own assistive devices as required when accessing goods or services provided.

Rain Check Policies

For Member Guest rates or reciprocal fees at the Member clubs, the following applies for granting Rain Checks due to inclement weather  -

-In the event a person does not complete 5 holes due to inclement weather, the 18 hole value will be issued as a Rain Check

-In the event a person does complete 5 holes but no more than 14 holes 50% of the 18 hole value will be issued as a Rain Check

-In the event a person plays 15 holes or more but less than 18 holes, no Rain Check will be issued.

The policy applied to Golf Carts

-All Rain Checks are transferrable between Canadian Clubs. 

Cell Phone Usage

Cell phones are permitted on ClubLink courses and in clubhouses. Members and Guests are encouraged to exercise discretion of use such that golfing/dining experiences are not diminished for other Members and Guests.

Practice Facilities

Always check in with the Golf Shop prior to using practice facilities. Always obey signage stay within teeing ground space provided and only hit in the direction of provided target areas. 


Members are expected to enter their scores in the Golf Canada website/app on the day of play for each round. If there are questions regarding scoring or the rules of golf, please visit or contact a member of the Professional Staff at the club for assistance. 


All ClubLink Members and their guests who score a hole-in-one on a ClubLink course will receive a momento commemorating their accomplishment. Additionally, should a member be the individual that scored a Hole-In-One, the Hole-In-One Program will underwrite the cost of celebratory cocktails at the 19th hole for those who witnessed the ace along with other Members and guests around to share in the celebration. Drinks will be available in the clubhouse for one hour following completion of the round played by the golfer who scored the ace. If it is the guest that scores the ace, 1 round of celebratory cocktails will be provided to the golfers in the group playing with the guest that scored the ace only. Each member will pay into the program with $17.50 added to their annual dues statement.

Food & Beverage Gratuities

Tipping is never mandatory but always appreciated by your staff at your Club. Keep in mind, should you choose to circle a tip % on your chit when signing, that percentage will be applied to the complete tax-in total amount. And you are always welcome to personalize your tip amount each time by writing a specific amount on the chit.

Cannabis policy

Smoking or consuming marijuana in any form is prohibited at all ClubLink properties. Exceptions may be made to this policy where an individual has a medical certificate indicating that the use of marijuana has been approved by a healthcare professional. In such cases, Club management must be notified and individual accommodations discussed in advance of any such use on ClubLink property. 

Alcohol Policy for Members and Guests

No alcoholic beverages other than those provided by the Club are permitted anywhere on the premises. All ClubLink Clubs strictly adhere to all provisions of the provincial/state liquor control and licensing regulations. Club staff reserve the right to examine the contents of golf bags and other items for personal alcohol. 

No person shall consume alcoholic beverages to the point of impairment or intoxication. Members not adhering to these rules will be asked to leave the Club immediately and will be subject to an automatic suspension of membership privileges. Any guest not adhering to these rules must leave the property immediately and future access to the Club may be denied.  

The Club assumes no liability for any injury, wrongdoing, or problem caused by the breach of these rules. 

As a condition of the use of the Club’s premises and, more particularly, the provision of alcoholic beverages by the Club, all persons hereby expressly waive any liability on the part of the Club arising out of the consumption of alcoholic beverages and agree to indemnify and save harmless the Club from any and all claims, damages or lawsuits referable to the consumption of alcoholic beverages

Membership Plan and By-law

Click here to see the full Membership Plan and By-law document. 

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5407 Regional Road 25 Milton, ON, L9E 0L1, Canada T 905-878-6222 F 905-693-1900