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Women's 9 After 5 League

12 APR 2023

This is a new league for 2023 RattleSnake Point women who want to play golf with the Women’s leagues, but who also have commitments that limit our golf time.


When:      Tuesdays – with tee times starting at 5:00 pm. (May 2nd – Oct 3rd)


Who:        All RattleSnake Point women members – including full members, social and twilight members


 Format:  9 holes on either the SideWinder or Copperhead course, alternating each week.

                  Following golf, we will be able to socialize and enjoy a weekly dinner feature.


The mandate for the Women’s 9 After 5 League is to create a fun “club” environment with opportunities to socialize. We want to vary the playing groups so that we meet new players and make them feel welcome, and get to know existing members that we don’t know or may never have played with. You do not have to be a full golf member (social and twilight members are welcome), or even have played golf much. The only caveat is that we will be playing the big courses.


Registration and scoring will be done using Golf Genius. A handicap is not necessary, but if you would like to work towards obtaining a handicap, we can help you do that. We will keep individual scores each week through Golf Genius.


After golf, there will be space reserved for us on the terrace for cocktails and dinner. Each week there will be a Feature Menu item created for us, however, you can also order from the regular menu.


There will be a one-time league registration fee of $25 plus HST. Registration fee covers monthly prizing.


Please email Steve Leblanc if you would like to play in the 9 after 5 group or if you have any questions.