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Winter in the Turf Department

29 JAN 2021

We were on course right up until Christmas Eve working on the copperhead 11 wall project, kind of scrambling to get it installed prior to any heavy ground frosts. It has turned out amazing and transforming a good green site into a great one. Ridding ourselves of a poorly designed bunker in the win in my books. We still have quite a bit of restoration works for the spring (grade works, topsoil and sod works) and will have to wait until we can get a shovel in the ground. We are really excited about this project.

Finishing up our Integrated Pest Management audit, well into equipment refurbishing and R and M, hiring and staffing, property manual updates, meetings and we even slide in some tree work when the weather corporates are some of the projects we have on the go. And yes, we try to get our much needed vacations slid in during the winter also.

So far, the course has wintered very well. There was some ice that accumulated prior to the new year on our greens. Thankfully we had some warm days and everything melted down, so we got to ‘reset the clock’ any ice coverage. We just experienced a nice snow fall of 15 cm and this blanket is quite welcome because it prevents any desiccation from those cold winds. 

We are extremely excited about the coming year and can't wait for some warm weather to get things going again!

Bill McAllister, Golf Course Superintendent