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14 APR 2020

Presents White Wine Varietal Characteristics

Chardonnay  - apple, oak, spice, clove, butterscotch, citrus, floral, vanilla, figs, butter, tropical fruit, pineapple

                             Sterling Chardonnay, California

Sauvignon Blanc - grass, herb, bell pepper, black pepper, dill, asparagus, grapefruit, sage

Matua Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

Gewürztraminer - spice, ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, apple, grapefruit, lychee

Pinot Blanc - apple, coconut, peach, vanilla, apricot, toasty

Pinot Gris - mineral, green apple, honey, vanilla, spicy

                                    Cavaliere D’Oro Gabbiano, Italy

Riesling - apple, pear, peach, citrus, rose, honeysuckle, petrol

Semillon - Lemon, orange, grassy


Presents Red Wine Varietal Characteristics

 Cabernet Sauvignon - pepper, bell pepper, cassis, currant, plum, herb, mint, eucalyptus, green olives, chocolate

                             Beringer Knights Valley, California

Syrah/Shiraz – blackberries, plum and black cherry, chocolatey or peppery, licorice or vanilla, cassis, smoke, dry pepper, coffee, hickory wood, chestnuts

                                    19 Crimes, Australia

Merlot - herbaceous, black pepper, wild cherry, cedarwood, roses, pipe tobacco, fruity overtones

                             Sterling Vintners, California

Pinot Noir  - ripe cherry, strawberry, raspberry, mint, spice, cinnamon, clove, smokey, wet & earthy

                             Rodney Strong Russian River, California

Sangiovese - earthy, cherry, berry, cranberry

Zinfandel - cherry, strawberry, black pepper, raisin, prune, blackberry, spice, clove, mint

Gamay - cherry, strawberries, grapy, jammy, raspberry


Join us in the Bistro this season for a wonderful selection of old and new world red wines to be enjoyed with a meal or on its own.  The Terrace is a wonderful destination to enjoy one of Mark Anthony’s wines!