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What's the Cart Rule Today?

21 AUG 2020

Whether it is scatter, high, dry and down the middle, 90 degree rule, or cart path only; there are still rules within the rules.

Every morning, we get the call from golf operations asking what the cart rule is for the day. We base our decision on the prior day, current weather and the daily forecast.  For the past few years, we have been using the post system as a marker for where to exit and enter the hole of play. As you pass the post, that is where you enter and you exit immediately prior to the second post. We make every effort to move the post into non-wear areas to spread the traffic out. Overall, this system is very effective in managing traffic and wear points. Unfortunately, this year we have had to eliminate the posts to decrease any potential Covid touch points.

This year we have been using scatter and 90-degree rulings. Even though we have wall to wall cart paths with widths of 10 and 8 feet, good irrigation and drainage, curbing in problematic areas and keep up with fertility, we still manage to have those areas where traffic gets funneled. This year with single rider carts and the hot weather we have noticed some added traffic wear spots.

 Here are the rules within the rules:

  • Keep all 4 tires on paths at all green and tee sites (No need to pull 2 tires off the asphalt to let other pass or get closer to the green/tee).
  • Make every attempt to enter and exit the hole of play in an area that is not experiencing excessive wear (In other words, if its green and lush then drive there!)
  • When the weather has been dry and hot, keep to the middle of the fairway (Our roughs are well irrigated, but they do want to go dormant with excessive traffic).
  • When it is wet out and carts are off paths, please keep high and dry and avoid any drainage swales.
  • When driving on paths, make every effort to not cut corners and have rubber meet grass.

dwear from leaving cart path at tee site.jpg

What NOT to Do

what not to do!.jpg

Wear From Leaving Cart Path at Tee Site

Sometimes I have dreams about monorail carts throughout our courses…Really! It is crazy what Superintendents dream about.

Bill McAllister, Golf Course Superintendent