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Welcome Kits, Digital Handicap Index Cards and Scoring Application

27 JUN 2020

The club would normally be receiving the Golf Ontario Membership Welcome Kits around this time to hand out to our members, this year in an effort to reduce touchpoints with COVID-19, the Welcome Kit program has evolved into a Digital edition for the 2020 season. Below is information and instructions to request a physical kit and to incorporate digital score posting.

DIGITAL SCORING APP: Limit physical touchpoints, golfers can post scores hole-by-hole on their smartphone during their round with the Golf Canada Scoring APP instead of using a paper scorecard. The APP can be downloaded from the APP STORE or GOOGLE PLAY. 

WELCOME KITS: Golfers are still welcome to receive their physical Welcome Kit on an as-requested basis, below are the instructions members need to follow in order to receive the kit to their home.

For golfers to receive their Welcome Kit (which includes Shaft Labels and Membership Card/Bag Tag), please ensure you have your updated mailing address in your Score Centre profile.

  • To input that information, please go to MENU and click on the Account Settings and fill out the appropriate mailing address fields.
  • Once the address has been entered/updated, click on the ‘Request a Card or Labels’ link and the Welcome Kit will be produced and shipped directly to you (no cost). There should be an expected delivery date once requested.
  • ALSO click the link on the bottom left on Account Settings to download the Scoring App from the App Store or Google Play (no cost).

DIGITAL CARD: Print or email a digital version of your official Handicap Index Card

  • Click View History On the top black Navigation bar
  • Select Handicap Card on the 2nd level Navigation in Red

(Score History/Handicap Calculation/Handicap Card/Handicap History/Game Tracker

  • Select Print or Email

If you have any questions please contact Nate Robinson at