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Welcome Back to All From the Turf Department!

28 MAY 2021

It’s so nice to see everyone and I’m sure that you are all very happy to be back.  Our update is going to be a list…a long list of what we did on the courses during the shutdown.  With great help from many, many people from our Chefs to Golf personnel to even some corporate personnel we achieved quite a bit out there during the 5 weeks.  So here goes…

Grass cutting and lots of it.

  • Roughs were cut once per week equaling 1000 acres
  • Fairways were cut once per week equaling 350 acres
  • Tees and collars were cut once per week equaling 80 acres
  • Greens were cut every second day equaling 190 acres
  • Bunker trimming and Flymo on heavy growth bunkers 2 times and all others once


  • Greens were top-dressed 3 times totaling 60 tons of sand
  • Sidewinder, Rattler, putting, and chipping greens were aerated totaling about 50 million small holes
  • Sidewinder collars and aprons were aerated and verticut
  • 8 acres of tees were verticut x 3 
  • Greens were verticut x 2 
  • Fertilizing of all par 3 tees


  • Finished up the 11 Copperhead Armour stone wall projects. This included many loads of topsoil hauled on grade works and 47 skids of sod laid!
  • Finished up our fall bunker fill-ins on 17 SW, 7 SW. 14 SW and 2 Rattler


  • All weed spraying completed totaling 52 x 300-gallon tanks
  • Most of property round up of tree wells and bunkering
  • Wetting agents sprayed on greens and tees
  • Green’s fungicides sprayed with fertilizers
  • Irrigation audits complete along with many, many repairs…close to 100!

Bill McAllister, Golf Course Superintendent