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25 JUN 2022

Updates from Christine Kumagai & Bill McAllister

The Summer Solstice just passed on June 21st and the weather promises many more long and hot days ahead.  However, we have not received a substantial rain event in a few weeks, but the course is holding up and in great shape.



Bunker Renovation Project Updates:


CopperHead #2:

Last week 66 skids of grass sod were laid on the first area of our bunker construction project and the hole is starting to take shape. 


On July 5th, we will spray the polymer liner in the base of the bunker and the Billy Bunker experts will be on site to oversee the first application of the polymer.  We will be spraying over 13,000 square feet of bunkers!  

On July 6-8, we will start filling the newly renovated bunkers with Signature sand to bring these bunkers back into play. 


A challenge now is keeping the new grass sod watered.  In this drought it has been tough, but at least it is a job in which our crew can stay nice and cool on these hot summer days! 


 CopperHead #12:

Our construction crew is now working on CopperHead #12 and off to a good start. 

We are filling a good portion of the short fairway bunkers on the left-hand side, except for one, while keeping the existing shape of the green side bunkers. 

We are planning another large grass sod application on Wednesday, June 29th.

Later this fall, we will plant some trees left of fairway bunkers when we have some help from Mother Nature to keep them alive!


SideWinder #12:

We are making great progress on completing the new Red tee-box on SideWinder #12 and plan to lay grass sod on Wednesday, June 29th.


CopperHead #3:

We will focus work on the greenside bunkers of CopperHead #3 in the coming weeks.


Practice Bunkers:

After work on CopperHead #3 is complete, our teams will then work on the practice bunkers located behind the halfway house.


Course Maintenance:

We are finishing off the last couple of tanks of weed spray and almost done fertilizing our roughs and getting a start at spraying a wetting agent on our fairways to help the soil retain water. 

We are also inspecting and repairing our irrigation systems and tending to everything from malfunctioning parts, blown heads, blown fuses, heads stuck in one direction, and clogged heads.  We are working non-stop to resolve these issues so that we do not lose any grass. 

It is a busy time right now for member events and our crews continue to work hard to dial in the small details for these big tournaments.  Ladies Member Guest this past week was a success and we received great feedback about the course conditions.  Men’s Member Guest is coming up in a few weeks and we are focused on preparing the golf courses for that event too. 

We hope you are all enjoying the golf courses!

Christine Kumagai, Golf Course Associate Superintendent
Bill McAllister, Golf Course Superintendent



Golf Course Care

 Thank you for helping to maintain our golf courses by fixing ball marks, divots, raking bunkers, and parking on paths.



The greens are mowed at peak season height of cut and regularly rolled to improve ball roll and speed.  

For daily hole locations, we use a Traffic and Playability Management System for an equal combination of front, middle, back, left, center, and right pins.


Ball Marks

Please repair ball marks with the proper technique to keep our  greens looking and rolling great.



Unrepaired divots create scars and damage that may not heal for many months or ever. 

Please repair divots or fill with sand/seed. 


 Golf Carts

Please use the paved paths to limit power cart traffic damage and keep far away from greens and tee boxes.

Our grasses go dormant brown in severe summer heat to survive and will unfortunately die under golf cart traffic. 

Green grass is healthy and can handle light power cart traffic; brown should not be driven on.



Rakes in the bunkers are back and please help smooth them out.  

Place rakes inside bunkers.



Please do not drive power carts into the fescue areas.