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Turf News - November

23 NOV 2023

The course may be closed but work continues as we put the course to bed for the winter. Deep tine vert-drain aeration, a heavy top dress of greens and tees, fertilizing greens and tees, spraying our winter fungicide application, cleaning up leaves, clearing out tributary crossings, and getting our entire fleet of turf equipment power washed.




In addition to all of our closing routine, the bunker construction continues to make good progress. We have had a very good start to winter weather; dry for the most part and not a lot of frost. Last week our sod team was in to put the finishing touches on hole 1 SW. Work on hole 9 and 10 SW is well underway.  As you may remember, hole 9 SW had a number of bunkers that were well out of play but their high, flashy mounds added to the character of the hole. We didn’t want to change the shape of the land when filling in these bunkers so we had to generate fill. A lot of fill!! The oversized bunker that used to sit adjacent to the pond is now gone and the pond is being extended in its' place. The pond now reaches out to about the 200 yard mark in the rough. Still lots of room for a big landing area and fairway lines staying the same. Digging out another 30 yards of pond has helped us generate the fill we need for the out of play bunkers while keeping the original shape. From this project we gain another million gallons of water. Anytime we can find an opportunity to gain more water is a win, we have all seen some of our water reservoirs get to a scary level mid summer, so the extra water always helps!



We plan on wrapping the fairway around the green site on 9 SW. Something we are looking at doing on a number of holes to keep the Heathland type style and tight lies around greens.