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Turf Update - Fall

26 OCT 2023

As the leaves turn and temperatures drop, our focus in the turf department changes to fall cleanup and winter preparations. You may find that certain aspects of the golf course maintenance are a little different in the fall than the spring and summer months.


The greens are getting slower

Greens mowing heights continue to increase every week that passes in preparation for winter. This can cause slower green speeds. Our focus is less on green speeds at this time of year and more on increasing the amount of photosynthetic area of our turf. This will allow the plants to produce and store more carbohydrates to help them survive the long cold winter ahead.


I can’t find my ball

Daily leaf cleanup is underway. Unfortunately, the lack of frost has slowed the process down this year. Although leaves continue to fall every day, there are less falling daily. This is actually extending the total length of time that our blowers are on the golf course as we are having to clean up less leaves, more frequently. Please be patient with us as we try to keep up with the hundreds of thousands of leaves that fall daily and remember that even though you may have had to search for a ball, the blowers are likely a few holes ahead or behind you constantly working to keep our playing surfaces clear for play.


The bunkers may not be raked every day

The level of daily bunker maintenance is reduced in the fall as leaf cleanup and winter preparations take priority for the turf crew at this time of year. What good is a raked trap if you can’t find your ball? We will continue to strive to ensure bunkers are groomed for weekends, however you may find that on slower, colder days the traps are unraked. Please feel free to lift, rake and place on these days with no penalty.


The sprinklers are running

Irrigation blowout is an essential practice we complete every season to prepare our irrigation system for winter. This process includes removing all the water from our irrigation system using compressed air to ‘blow’ the water out and protect our pipes and sprinkler heads from freezing and splitting over the winter months. Please remember that this process will be completed through play. 


RattleSnake Turf Team