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Turf News - Club Championship Prep

24 AUG 2023

As we prepare for our annual Club Championship this weekend, we find ourselves fortunate to enjoy excellent course conditions. As valued Members, we share a responsibility to uphold the impeccable state of the course. We view this as a matter of 'Respecting the Golf Course'. By demonstrating this respect, we commit to repairing ball marks, raking bunkers, filling divots, and not driving carts where they don't belong.



This may seem like a straightforward task, yet it holds great significance. Upon reaching the green, kindly ensure that you tend to your own ball mark and, if possible, address a couple more. If your ball lands in a bunker, take a moment to reflect: Would you be content if your ball ended up in the area you just raked? If any doubts arise, your efforts in raking may require further attention. In cases where a substantial divot is taken, please remember to replace it to its original space. For smaller divots, an application of divot mix can contribute to the fairway's swift recovery. Your conscientious actions make a remarkable difference.

Finally, we enjoy the opportunity to use a golf cart, however, all too often the cart is driven in areas that does not follow the ‘Respect the Golf Course’ theme. Please exit the fairway no closer than 30 yards of the green, use cart path only on any par 3, do not drive within 10 yards of any bunker or ground under repair area.

Following these guidelines will allow conditions to be maximized and will allow you to enjoy RattleSnake Point Golf Club to the fullest.



Thank you for ‘Respecting the Golf Course’.

RattleSnake Turf Team