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Turf News June : Bunker Project Update

29 JUN 2023

What a month June has been! We've experienced everything from hot and humid to hazy and some rain has been mixed in as well. More recently at the end of June, between Sunday the 25th and Wednesday the 28th, we had over 60 MM of rain fall on the property. With that amount of rain in a short period of time, unfortunately we had to halt the bunker project to allow some of the soil to dry out. We are limited to starting new projects as we need the soil to dry out to finalize shaping. So, where does this leave us heading into July...


  • Hole #16 CH will see a widening of the fairway by approximately 20 feet from inside 140 yard to the 100 yard marker.
  • Hole #14 and #15 CH right side will see a full reshaping of the bunker complexes down to one on each side. The left side of Hole #15 CH will stay the same.
  • Hole #13 CH will have a new tee deck left side of the bridge for multiple use (white/green/red)
  • Hole #12 CH we'll begin sodding the first week of July. Weather forecast is looking promising! 
  • Hole #11 CH will see the addition of more trees down the left side to tighten up the hole.


Aerial shot above Hole #13 CH green. You can see work has started on the new forward tee deck!


Aerial shot above Hole #16 CH fairway, looking back towards the tee deck.


Aerial shot of Hole #16 CH fairway, looking towards green. 


RattleSnake Turf Team