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Turf News July : Bunker Project Update

27 JUL 2023

Exciting Changes on CopperHead Hole #11!

We are thrilled to have our Members play the new look CopperHead Hole #11. Transplanting of trees down the left side of the fairway is almost complete and there is a little more reshaping to be done on the fairway line. As a result, the hole has undergone a remarkable transformation from the tee.

While the imposing water remains a challenge, the removal of the fairway bunker on the left side has created a different look and feel for golfers. In its place, a number of trees have been transplanted, offering a fresh perspective on the hole.

To enhance the overall design, we have also reshaped the fairway and rough lines in the landing area, as well as closer to the green. These modifications have resulted in a more strategic and thought-provoking play, especially for tee shots that land further down the fairway.

Although the hole may seem easier without the bunker off the tee, don't be mistaken! The landing area has tightened for those aiming for greater distance, and an errant long left tee shot will now require a creative approach to navigate the newly introduced trees.

We can't wait for you to experience the updated CopperHead Hole #11 during your next round. We are confident that you will find the changes both challenging and rewarding.



Experience the Transformation of CopperHead Hole #12!

We are thrilled to announce the completion of the transformation of CopperHead Hole #12. To enhance the challenge and strategic play on this hole, we've lengthened the start of the fairway line, setting the stage for an exciting tee shot.

The most significant changes, however, are around the green area. The left greenside bunker has been removed, and the entire left side of the green has been redesigned. Now, the fairway slopes sharply left all the way around the left side of the green.

Depending on the pin placement, you may find yourself yearning for the old bunker as facing a tight lie on a short-sided, uphill chip/flop/putt can be quite demanding.

The newly designed CopperHead Hole #12 promises a thrilling and thought-provoking golfing experience. We can't wait for you to explore these changes during your next round.