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Turf Update

25 JUN 2021

Turf Update


Well, it has been a busy month, to say the least. We are currently finishing up some major renovations to our pool and grounds. It began with a bit of landscaping and pumping down the pool for water replacement. It received a full renovation of interlock grading, replacement of coping and all the facia tile was removed and replaced. It has been challenging to say the least but a bit of light at the end of the tunnel has us opening sooner than later.

On the golf course, we continue to struggle with seed head in our greens and roughs. You may be aware that blue grasses (Kentucky, Annuals, etc) are seed head producers in the late spring and early summer times of the year. Seed head production is the natural part of grass's life cycle. The cooler spring weather has extended the seed head season and we need some really hot weather to stop any production. Our greens have still been affected by this. We continue to groom, brush and back track cut to remove the seed. Once removed we can enjoy some less bumpy and speedier greens surfaces.




Our primary roughs have been extremely affected by seed head also. you may be wondering why the roughs look so dry and under fertilized. From a distance the stalk of the seed head makes things look quite brown yet up close we see the stalk and in all reality that’s the root cause. We have extended our fertilizer application by over 2 weeks now as we do not want that fertilizer assisting in any more seed production. See a couple pictures below.




Our etiquette reminder this week is bunker care. We continue to not have rakes on our courses, and we are still able to use a lift clean and place ruling to avoid any ball in footprints. Although we have upped the maintenance in our bunkers as grooming in high play bunkers is now daily, we still need some assistance from our membership. Please remember to always enter and exit the bunker from the low side. never walk up the steep faces. Using a steep face to access the bunker cave in the sand face, leaves it extremely unsightly and creates undue maintenance for our rakers.   

Bill McAllister, Golf Course Superintendent