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The Karma of Divot Repair

17 SEP 2021

The Karma of Divot Repair

Given the amount of play we saw in 2020 and so far in 2021, we can say with some confidence that it’s next to impossible for our turf staff to repair every single mark left on the golf course as a consequence of play. We need your help! Let’s head into the growing season with trowels full of divot mix and a ball mark repair tool in hand.

Fixing at least one more divot or mark than you make is a great way to ensure a few things:

1) Good karma. Ensure a fair playing surface for players behind you – repair additional ball marks that might go unseen while reading a long putt. Also, fill in some of those divots that weren’t yours. A freshly filled divot is better to play out than the bottom of what might as well be a shallow grave. Sure – one of golf’s central principles is “play the ball as it lies” which, as we all know, isn’t always fair. But, by doing our part we can potentially improve our lie next time around.

2) A healthy playing surface. Like an open wound, an unrepaired mark on a green or unfilled/improperly repaired divot is a breeding ground for bad things to happen. Weeds or other diseases can more easily take over unrepaired spots if left exposed.

Our maintenance crew does a fantastic job, but if the Membership could give them a hand with fixing more divots or ball marks than they make, we’ll all have an even better golf course both in the near and long term.

Locker Steward Hours have been updated

Effective September 21

Tuesday                11am - 6pm

Wednesday           11am – 6pm

Thursday              11am – 6pm

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Saturday               9am – 4pm

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