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Tee Time Booking System FAQ

14 JUN 2023

The golf season is well underway and we have a couple months under our belts using the new tee time booking system, TEI. We have received lot’s of Member feedback on the new platform, both positive and constructive, but very pleased to hear that majority of Members find the system the same, or better, than the previous. Having said that, we wanted to provide some FAQ updates regarding tee time bookings.


  • The most common issue Members run into when booking a tee time online, is with selection of other Members in their group. The system will recognize any ClubLink Member with the #1, followed by their Home Club abbreviation (see below screenshot). You MUST select this user, rather than type the name out and press enter. If you type the exact same name, in this case Craig Cupido, and hit enter without selecting the name in the dropdown with the #1RS, the system will recognize that user as a guest, and will be unable to book tee times that have restrictions for guests. Please ensure any Members that you have pre-selected in your “My Groups” section have been input properly to avoid missing out on potential tee times.

  • Similar to the above issue, when the system offers a tee time well beyond your search parameters, for example after 6am and the earliest tee time you receive is 4:36 pm, and you know for certain that all players in your search group are Members, it may be that someone else has included you in a booking or search themselves. If that’s the case, the system will not allow you to book a tee time within 5 hours of an existing tee time your Member number is associated with. Please be aware when booking with a group of other Members, that someone’s name is not in the same group, for the same group booking.
  • The maximum amount of available tee times that the search will ever return is 4. It’s important that your search time is as accurate as possible for what you are trying to book, to ensure the best possible tee time results.
  • If you’re in the Member booking portal at 6:25am and pre select your options, and hit the refresh button on your web browser right at 6:30am, you will lose your selected search criteria. If you do hit refresh, you will need to update your search criteria, including Members in your group, if you are trying to book into a more restricted time slot to ensure you get accurate results.
  • You must have your group pre-selected to be able to book into a Home Club ONLY tee time. Meaning, you cannot search for a foursome on a weekend morning with 3 TBD’s, and update the names of the players after, as the system will provide you with the earliest possible tee time at 2pm. Weekend restrictions at RattleSnake are: 1. Home Club Members ONLY prior to noon 2. Noon – 2pm Home Club Member 1:1 ratio (guests/interclub) 3. After 2 pm, Home Club Members with any guests/interclub.


We hope your experience with the new booking system has been an easy transition and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please contact the Golf Shop or Member Experience Manager Jesse Gronkowski, if you would like to discuss anything related to the new booking system.