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27 AUG 2021

Unfortunately, we’re getting to the time of year when later sunrises and earlier sunsets reduce the number of tee times we can fit in a day.

There is still some good news, though. This year we’ve been able to open earlier thanks to the heroic efforts of our turf crew. Because of these efforts – we’ve already averaged two or three additional tee times every day all year. The year-over-year earlier start times will continue into the fall season.

Also, last season, and for part of this season, 12 minutes separated each tee time. Midway through this year, we moved to 10 minutes between each tee time before noon. While this doesn’t seem like much, reducing the timing between each tee time adds 20 percent more times onto our tee sheets in the portion of the day with the most demand.

The sun’s rise might start to come closer to its fall, but there is still much golf to be played. It doesn’t get much better than golf on a sunny fall day at RattleSnake Point. Hopefully, we’ll see another year of excellent autumn weather.  

Labour Day Weekend - 7 a.m. First Tee Time

Sept. 11th Weekend - 7:20 a.m. First Tee Time

Sept. 18th Weekend - 7:30 a.m. First Tee Time


Craig Cupido, Regional Director of Operations