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Take a Break!

24 MAR 2022

Take a Break – March 10, 2022

COVID-19 challenged all of us these past two years; with weddings, special events and Holiday parties cancelled and celebrations moved to on-line gatherings or to another day on the calendar.

Charitable foundations and groups rely on special events like golf tournaments and banquets to raise funds for those in need and the Milton District Hospital Foundation worked to defy those challenges and created another interesting fundraiser on March 10th

Milton District Hospital Foundation (MDHF) partnered with ClubLink, RattleSnake Point Golf Club, and other businesses within the community to create ‘TAKE A BREAK – TAKE HOME DINNER PACKAGES’.  Dinners for two or a family of four were ordered through the MDHF website and $17,000 was raised.  On March 10th, supporters arrived here at RattleSnake, popped their trunks, and with the help of the many volunteers received their stunning take home dinners, which included flowers, candles, wine, desserts and special treats.

We have partnered with MDHF for three such unique events:  Take a Break 2021, Taste of Harvest, and Take a Break 2022 all proudly led by Chef Mark Stone, Chef Ryan de Leon, and Tanya Grove (Catering Sales Manager), which has raised almost $80,000 combined.

Chef Mark and Chef Ryan put together a wonderful menu, prepped, cooked, and boxed the 150 meals ordered.  Tanya organized the many other moving parts, such as names, labels, menu details, allergies, and pick-up times. Together they worked with the MDHF team to set up and execute a wonderful day.  We hope you will join us in thanking them for their time, efforts, and generous contributions to the success of these events.

Congratulations to the team at MDHF, Andrea Cayer, Jen Tasca, Helen Vatistas, and to the many local businesses who contributed to the success of this event. 

Although this idea was born within COVID, we hope to continue supporting MDHF and host another such event in the fall.  With Member and community support, the Foundation hopes to hit and surpass the $100K mark with all funds going to support new equipment for the Milton District Hospital.                                          

Your RattleSnake kitchen team also continues to provide single-serve meals for those in need at local shelters, food banks and youth programs.  This charitable initiative started as COVID hit two years ago and we recently passed the 100,000 mark for meals produced, which is great for our community, and for those in need.

Spirit of community is certainly alive and well in Milton!