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14 SEP 2023

Club Championship Weekend


2023 Club Champion - Mike Kray


A Flight Champion - Raymond Alexander


B Flight Champion - Noel Skinner


C Flight Champion - Naunihal Gill


D Flight Champion - Peter Gingras


E Flight Champion - Luc Guens


2023 Women's Club Champion - Jan Sedgeworth


Women's B Flight Champion - Gail Dietz


Women's C Flight Champion - Asha Singh


Women's D Flight Champion - Arlene DiGiovanni


Junior Club Champion - Ryan Morita



2023 Women's Senior Club Championship


2023 Women's Senior Club Champion - Jan Sedgeworth


Women's B Flight Senior Champion - Asha Singh


Women's C Flight Senior Champion - Arlene DiGiovanni




The annual RattleSnake Solheim Cup was contested on September 10th this year. It was a great morning with a ton of back and fourth matches. It came down to the wire, but in the end Team Canada ended up taking back the trophy with a 9.5 to 8.5 victory over Team International. Well done Ladies and thanks to everyone that participated in the event! 

Team Canada


Team International