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Senior's League Charity Fundraising

07 JUL 2020

Congratulations to the Senior’s League for raising over $70,000 to support the RattleSnake Charities!

Here is a note from Gary Dobbie, long time RattleSnake Member & RattleSnake Charity Committee Member and supporter:

Ok team!  Thus far we have distributed over $70K this year to the charities. BIG thanks to all of you for making this happen.

Over the pasted week I delivered the donation cheques to eight of the charities (I mailed three of them) attached are pictures from the places I dropped off cheques to (sorry, no photo for the Home suite Hope). Below is a little synopsis of some of the comments from the charities.  Listening to their stories brought me to tears a few times. So I am passing on a big thanks from the charities. The person's name in the comment below is the person in the picture with me. Believe it or not, we were all smiling (tough to tell behind the masks).

Stephen Rowe at Oakville Fareshare FoodBank said demand is up 70% from last year with them currently supporting 675 families in Oakville. From the middle of March to the start of June, they were seeing about 40 new families a week until it peaked at the start of June. Providing cash donations is very beneficial as they can acquire fresh produce and meats for the families. Also, social distancing is limiting how many volunteers they can have to help sort food donations.


Gary O'Neill at Kerr Street Missions relayed that demand is up over 35% from last year. Plus many that were coming just once or twice a month in the past are now coming weekly. They also have a program in which the recipient pays $5 a week and gets fresh produce, halvah chicken and eggs worth about $25.


Ron Shantz at Front Line Outreach said thanks to the members and the committee so very much, it’s a wonderful gift and will be a big help for our summer program.


Margaret Marino at the Ian Anderson house said with the stress of the pandemic and the reduction of normal fundraising this is a very welcomed gift.


Gayle Kabbash at Food 4 Kids said even though schools are not open they are still supplying families in need. Last summer they were helping 173 families and this year it is 380 families totalling 779 kids each week and are doing so by providing grocery gift cards!


Karen Candy at The Carpenter Hospice remarked at how grateful they were. This summer due to the pandemic they have been unable to run their normal fundraisers so this is very much appreciated in a time of need.


Robin Bailey at Burlington Food Bank said their demand is up over 70% from the same time last year!