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Inclement Weather

27 JUL 2023

Inclement weather is defined as severe or stormy weather. Frequent summertime inclement weather may include:

An individual has the right to take appropriate action when threatened by lightning. We do our best to warn Members, guests and staff of lightning in the area. In the event of an impending lightning storm please remember that the golf shop and turf department have established criteria for when to sound a warning. The golf team assists with the warning via air horns to ensure the warning is heard throughout the course. Our team coordinates staff equipped with air horns located at the starter hut, behind the back driving range, CopperHead Hole #17 and SideWinder Holes #3 and #11. The golf management team on duty monitors and assess an approaching storm via weather station or internet service, calling surrounding golf courses, and will make the decision to sound a warning based upon visual sighting of lightning.

Lightning Warnings
One (1) long horn blast means everyone should seek shelter immediately.
Three (3) short horn blasts indicates it is safe to return back to the course (This will only be done after the area has been free from lightning for a minimum of 10 minutes). When lightning is present, seek safe shelter immediately. Do not venture out to the golf course to retrieve golfers and do not go outside and put yourself at risk to retrieve golf clubs or other property. If you are outside during a thunderstorm seek the closest of either Clubhouse, on-course building or automobile. When none may be available, look for dense woods and low-lying areas. Always avoid open areas, water, metal, wire fences, powerlines, overhead wires, isolated trees, elevated ground, maintenance machinery and golf carts. Please refrain from raising umbrellas above your head during lightning as it increases the risk.


Heavy Rain:

  • Driving in heavy rain can be hazardous as roads become wet, slippery, and even flooded in some areas.
  • Visibility may be greatly reduced during heavy rain.

Hail Storms:

  • If experiencing a hailstorm, seek shelter indoors and stay away from windows and doors.
  • If in a vehicle, lay face down across the seat and protect your face in the event the windows are broken.

High Winds/Tornados:

  • During high winds, it is advisable to take cover indoors whenever possible.
  • If indoor shelter is unavailable, seek shelter against a wall or building.
  • Stay away from roads and other hazards that strong gusts could blow you into.

Beware of Flying Debris:

  • When taking shelter, maintain a safe distance from windows and doors.
  • Stay aware of your surroundings and watch for items that could become airborne during high winds.

Your safety is of utmost importance to us. Please follow these guidelines to ensure your well-being during inclement weather.

Stay safe and protected