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RattleSnake Driveway and Parking Lot

25 MAY 2023

RattleSnake Point Golf Club is a beautiful place where our Members enjoy the game of Golf and unwind at their second Home. The term unwind can be used almost literally when it comes to our main entrance roadway, which gently winds back and fourth as you approach the Clubhouse. With the twists and turns come more blind spots and an increase need to drive within the limit. Although there are many speed limit signs in place as you make your way towards the parking lot and Clubhouse, often times you see vehicles driving well above the posted limit of 25 km/hr. We've all been there before; running a little late for your tee time. While we appreciate the effort to get to the tee as quickly as possible, we much prefer you showing up a few seconds later if it means driving a safe speed on the property and most importantly keeping yourself and others safe. We've already had a few close calls this season when it comes to vehicles on property and staff in carts. 

Our team has a lot of land to cover on the golf course and work with a number of different equipment vehicles, from your standard golf cart to tractors pulling 20 foot trailers! While we always try to avoid using the main entrance roadway, it's not always possible. Often times these larger vehicles are loud and require hearing protection, but nonetheless, make it almost impossible to hear another vehicle that may be approaching from behind. This is just another reason why it's important to follow the speed limits that are in place and to use caution when driving near or around larger vehicles that may be driving on the entrance roadway. 

Much effort and thought goes into the safety of everyone that enters RattleSnake before the season gets underway, as we ensure all road and cart path signage are displayed appropriately and lines are re-painted on the road to ensure safety standards are upheld each season. Obeying the speed limit while on property is a vital aspect of responsible driving and promoting a safe and enjoyable experience for Members, guests and staff alike.