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2022 Club Championship Results

05 AUG 2022

2022 Men’s and Women’s Club Championship – July 30 to August 1

What a fantastic 3 days of golf for our Club! Our Men’s and Women’s Flights played some challenging conditions with the wind picking up for the final day.  Congratulations to all the golfers who made the cut to play on day 3.  Please have a look below at the winners of each flight and congratulate them next time you see them at the Club.

Men’s Club Championship

Men’s Championship Flight

Club Champion: Tate Smith - 222

2nd Place: Malcolm Glumpak - 225

3rd Place: Gary Young - 227

Men’s A Flight

1st Place: Jerry Roberts - 223

2nd Place: Peter Gee - 228

3rd Place: Rick Ragno - 229

Men’s B Flight

1st Place: Giancarlo Bonfiglio - 230

2nd Place: Michael Gironda - 240

Tied-3rd Place: David Wyatt, Michael Card, and Naunihal Gill - 245

Men’s C Flight

1st Place: Chris Gregory - 245

2nd Place: Noel Skinner - 247

3rd Place: Stephen Wasilenko - 249

Men’s D Flight

1st Place: Ryan Cloutier - 250

Tied-2nd Place: Andrew Crutchlow - 254

Tied-2nd Place: Dan McKinnon - 254

Men’s E Flight

1st Place: Bharat Sud - 262

2nd Place: John Laursen - 273

3rd Place: Stephen Corner - 274

 Women’s Club Championship

Women’s A Flight

Club Champion: Mary Miller - 162

2nd Place: Hansika Tathgur - 163

Women’s B Flight

1st Place: Jewel Rokx - 176

2nd Place: Cindy Uffelmann - 183

Women’s C Flight

1st Place: Indira Pachai - 171

2nd Place: Joan Murray – 187

Net Winner : Lina Chabot

Women’s D Flight

1st Place: Louise Smith - 186

2nd Place: Arlene DiGiovanni – 192

Net Winner: Lyna Newman

Congratulations again to all the flight winners.  To see full results from the weekend, please use GGID #RSCC22 or click the following link to take you to the Member portal.

2022 Club Championship Member Portal and Leaderboard