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01 MAY 2020

Roasted Pasta Trick:

Before cooking regular dried pasta, oven roast at 350 degrees Fahrenheit until it emerges from the oven a golden, almost reddish-brown. This will enhance the flavour of a nutty and roasted taste. The texture after boiling will be a perfect al dente. Keep the sauce simple like a basic olive oil and chunky cherry tomatoes to let the pasta flavour shine through.

Also, have some fun when boiling your pasta. Think outside the box and switch up the generic water and oil. Cook in flavours like broths (chicken and veg). Make it a Caesar based broth with tomato juice, clam juice and lemon juice. Fresh herbs will also transform your water, and if you have any left, red wine works great for preparing your dried pasta. Always remember to use oil after cooking dried pasta to prevent sticking, and never rinse the pasta after cooked. Keep the starch on the pasta so the sauce sticks to the product.

Happy Cooking