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Registration Is Open! Also, Learn About What Apps You Will Need for the Upcoming Season

24 MAR 2022



 A great way to ensure you are set for the season, off the course, is to download both the Golf Canada and Golf Genius apps to either your phone or computer – or both.


Having your rounds up to date on Golf Canada is essential for a smooth transition into member events and leagues that require an accurate handicap.  A reminder that 90% of your ClubLink rounds must be posted to be eligible for our member events.

Becoming familiar with Golf Genius is a great way to get ready for when our leagues open and begin to accept registrations.  Once you download the Golf Genius App on your phone you can set up your user profile.  That username and password is what you will use to log in online from either your phone or computer.  If you currently have a Golf Genius profile, there is no need to create a new one.

All league registration and member events will take place through the Golf Genius portal.  You will receive an email with a link to register for each individual event once registrations open.  New this year, a full listing of the member events and leagues will be posted on the RattleSnake Point Golf Genius hub page.  Each individual event can be accessed through this main page.  Please send any league, event, or registration questions to Steve LeBlanc, Head Professional.

For the full listing of member events, qualifying dates and fit days please visit the RattleSnake Members website at