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Meet Raj!

24 MAY 2024

We are pleased to introduce Raj Malik as our new Range Check-In and Rattler Starter. This role was created in response to the noticeable increase in golfer traffic at our practice facility in recent seasons.

Raj is an avid golfer with extensive experience on golf club committees, including serving as Captain. He is a former Club Champion at Ras Tanura Golf Club in Saudi Arabia, where he also achieved a hole-in-one. Raj holds the amateur course record at Ras Tanura (4 under par, playing with a 5 handicap in 2005). He has won several club-organized competitions in the Middle East, including the British Airways Cup, Qatar Airlines, and men's singles match play.

He also participated in the Bahrain Open Championships in the early 2000s.

Raj is married and has two sons, both of whom are married and play golf. He is also a proud grandfather. His favourite food is a good thin-crust pizza made in a wood-burning oven.

Raj is a friendly and approachable gentleman who aims to enhance the RattleSnake experience for everyone. In line with ClubLink’s objectives, Raj’s responsibilities include ensuring that:

  • Only ClubLink Members and their permitted guests are on the driving range or academy course, and that they have checked in with the starter or golf shop. Guests of Members may only use our facility if they have a tee time, are accompanied by the Member "owning" the tee time, have a golf lesson with a RattleSnake-approved instructor, and have checked in.
  • All permissible participants enjoy a safe and positive experience. Raj is equipped with a radio for communication with range staff, the pro shop, or for medical assistance.

In the past two weeks, Raj has successfully removed over 30 non-members using our range without permission.

We ask that all participants on our property afford Raj courtesy, respect, and understanding, as his ultimate role is to ensure our property is safe and enjoyable for all.