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Turf Update

01 MAY 2020

Turf Update - Everyone is Pitching in!


Spring is here!  The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, the trees are blooming, and the grass is growing.  This time of year in the turf world is the most exciting.  We spend all winter making improvements to the golf course and our operation. It is supposed to be time to show it all off!  Under the current circumstances, we have had a quiet start.  While health and safety is always our first priority, we are taking extra caution to make sure we do our part to stop the spread and keep our team healthy.  With that being said, we have had to drastically limit the number of staff we have in and out of the shop and operating our equipment.  By the time May 1 hits, the turf crew is typically up to full speed with all 55+ staff in the starting line up.  This year on May 1 we will have 10.  Of that 10 include your RattleSnake Merchandising Manager, Chris Forgan.  Your Hospitality Manager, Chuck Stratton.  Bistro Chef, Ryan DeLeon.  Sous Chef, Jason Chen.  And Bistro Manager, Andrew Pereira.  They have been busy helping us out in the Turf Department for the last few weeks while we keep up with the essential maintenance on course.  Like most spring seasons the weather has been up and down.  They have had to battle through some of Mother Nature’s less forgiving days making their efforts even more commendable.  The wind, rain, and blizzards on occasion, is not what they signed up for, but taking a million for the team to help us get the job done.  They are the ultimate team players, demonstrating their commitment to this club, true RattleSnake fashion.  Hats off to this group.  Thank you so much!


Christine Kumagai Golf Course Associate Superintendent