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A Message From Our Head Pro

02 APR 2020

I’m going to keep the talk about what is happening in our world to a minimum.  We can’t change what is going on in this world, but we are all in this together and we can’t wait to get the season going and put this behind us forever.  Thank you to the front line workers who are out there putting themselves in harm’s way to take care of us and everyone who is staying home to help minimize the spread.  Thank you!  Let’s find the positive things in our lives that have come out of this, let’s incorporate these things into our daily lives as we move past this and most importantly - let’s be kind to each other. We are all in this together.

Now let’s talk some golf.  We are really looking forward to this season.   If you’re like me you’ve spent the winter trying to plan and prepare for 2020 to be your best year of golf yet!  The one thing we all have in common when it comes to golf is that we want to play better and most of us will try just about anything to get better.  Trust me I have.  This winter I’ve done more than I ever have in the pursuit of better golf.  I went through a swing analysis and worked with some of our coaches to make changes to my swing.  My focus has been on swing plane and body rotation, as opposed to relying on my hand-eye and athleticism.  This is all in an effort to become more consistent and shoot lower scores.  Visit and let us know how we can help.

To make the most of the technical changes to my swing there are two other important areas that we shouldn’t forget about.  This led me to seek out some help from our resident TPI Fitness Coach  I was surprised by my level of conditioning in areas, but it explained the swing characteristics I’ve been trying to address over the winter.  We put a fitness plan in place and I would say I’ve done a so-so job of sticking to my workouts. It’s definitely an area I can improve.  With some extra time at home, I’ve been able to get into a routine that will make a difference.  The most important thing right now is to move.  Go for a walk, stretch those tight muscles in your legs and hips, and work to strengthen your core.  It’s great if you have a home gym but you don’t need one to make a difference.  Please feel free to reach out if you want to learn more.

This leads me to the final piece of the puzzle when it comes to playing better golf.  This area is often overlooked and sometimes it’s hard to find the right professional to help.  You need to find someone that is going to build on what you’re working on with your golf and fitness coaches.  I’ve found someone who helps me connect the dots.  I’ve worked with performance coach Tim O’Connor on a number of his Getting Unstuck workshops, one for the entire game and another for putting. His ideas and exercises have helped me to perform at my highest level on the course as well as in competition.  Look for more Getting Unstuck workshops as soon as it is safe for us to get together.  Please let me know if you are looking for some tips or exercises to help you get your mind in the right place on the golf course.

This was all done in an effort to enjoy my time on the golf course that much more… by hopefully playing better golf.  I’m lucky, part of my job is to research these types of things.  I can honestly say the experience was more than I expected.  I originally thought this was about me and my golf game, however, I started to realize this was more about a journey to get better, not only in golf but in life and work.  Now the trick is to continue to find the time by managing myself so I can continue to make everything I talked about part of my daily routine.  I feel that will allow me to take my journey to the NEXT LEVEL.  I encourage you to do the same.  To learn more about my story or if you want to tell me about yours give me a call, send me an email or pop in to say hello once we get the season going.  Our team here at RattleSnake wants to help you in any way we can to take your golf experience to the NEXT LEVEL!

Nate Robinson – Head Golf Professional


Did you know?

Ben Hogan believed that any golfer practicing the proper golf movements for 30 minutes a day could make a drastic improvement in their game.  He felt an average golfer could shoot in the 70s on a regular basis just by making this part of their daily routine.  Even in these tough times, we can help and we want to help.  Please reach out to me if you would like to start your journey so I can put you in touch with the right coach for you.