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Message from the Men's Committee

14 APR 2020

To the Men’s Members of RattleSnake Point Golf Club:

We hope this note continues to find you and your families safe and healthy during these challenging times.  We wanted to take this opportunity to provide our men’s membership with an update on the Club and share with you some of the things that were discussed during our recent Men’s Committee meeting.


General Play

With the current provincial restrictions regarding staying at home and social distancing, the Club will not be opened until the government regulations for non-essential services are lifted and for social distancing are eased.  Although we are hoping this will be at some time in May, for obvious reasons we cannot confirm any date at this time.  Once the course can open, we should expect some new operating procedures to ensure the safety of our members and the Rattlesnake staff.  These may include such things as raised cups on the green, extended tee times to 12 minutes, closure of the clubhouse, limited practice areas if any, limited service at the halfway house if any, restricted guest play, etc.  Specific details will be shared to the full membership by Craig Cupido in due course.


Men’s Night Play

James Forte is working diligently with Nate to come up with a plan that will get the Men’s Night Section on the course as soon as the Club is able to open.  Similar to the procedures noted above, there will be changes required to Men’s Night, and it is likely these changes will evolve as the season progresses.  Initially, you can expect that we will be using tee times rather than a shotgun format until it is safe to do so.  We will have blocks of tee times on Thursdays, likely running from mid-morning to mid-afternoon, play our games and head back home after.  We will still be running the weekly and season-long games and will have a weekly 50/50 draw, but we will not be having a post-golf social gathering until such time as we are allowed.  James will be sending more details in an upcoming email.

Everyone must download the Golf Genius app as we will be required to enter scores directly through the app.  The Pro Shop will not be accepting individual score cards. 


Other Events

We are also canceling certain early season events and moving others to later in the year.  This includes both golf (primarily any golf events requiring a shotgun start) and social events.  We are looking to keep events such as gross and net match play and the Kennedy Cup as is, but this will depend on when the Club can open.  We are working on a revised events schedule but we did want to highlight that the Men’s Member Guest will be converted to a one-day event this year and will be moved to August 21.  We are still planning on having the Club Championships during the August long weekend.

Nate and his group will be sending out sign up information assuming we will be able to get out on the course at some point in May.  Please respond and sign up assuming that same timeline so we know participation and can plan accordingly.  If we are not able to get out on the course, we will notify you accordingly.

The Rattlesnake staff and members of the Ladies’ and Men’s Committees are working diligently to find ways to allow us to get out and enjoy the golf course as soon as possible while meeting regulatory requirements and ensuring safety for all of us.  The Turf staff are well on their way in getting the course ready for the season.  As situations continue to change we will need to be patient and flexible.

Please remember that, at this time, the course is strictly off-limits to anyone.  Even if you are looking to just stroll the course or walk your dog there, this is strictly prohibited! 

We are happy to answer any questions you may have during these uncertain times.  Please contact Dave at, James at , Otto at or Nate at


Dave Thorman                      James Forte                         Otto Trozzolo    

Men’s Captain                         Men’s Night Captain               Men’s Night Vice-Captain


Nate Robinson

Head Golf Professional