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24 APR 2020

2020 Member Event Update

As we continue to social distance, we are starting to see some positive signs of golf courses opening in other parts of the country and we are hopeful Ontario courses will follow.  Our member committee has been working hard to try to ensure we can host some of our major Member Events.  Ladies day, Senior’s League, and Men’s Night will begin shortly after we are able to open and will be played as tee time events (no shotguns) with intervals of 12 minutes.  In the coming weeks registration and details for these events will be sent to all members from Golf Genius.  At the same time we will be sending out Match Play registrations, the deadline for registration is still to be determined.  We have postponed some events such as the Men’s & Women’s Member Guest events in an effort to provide the full experience of these great days. For full details you can visit the RattleSnake Golf Genius Member Event Portal at  I would encourage all members that participate in member events to download the Golf Genius on your phone.  Once we do begin Member Event play scores will be submitted on the Golf Genius app only for the foreseeable future. 

For now we are holding the following dates for our Major club events.

July 14 & 15 - Senior Club Championship

July 21 - Ladies Member Guest

Aug 1-3 - Club Championship

Aug 21 - Men's Member Guest

Oct 3 - Member's Closing Event

When we have a better understanding of the situation, we will release the full updated Member Event calendar.  Stay safe and we are looking forward to seeing everyone at the club soon! 

Nate Robinson – Head Golf Professional