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Meet the Team

25 APR 2024

 Regional Director of Operations: Craig Cupido


Years of Service: 25 years

Family/Pets: A kid named Lyon and a dog named George Michael

Residing: Etobicoke

Interests/Hobbies: Basketball…and golf.

Favourite Food: Maple Syrup


Golf Operations Manager: Stephanie Berriman


Years of Service: 20 years at RattleSnake

Family/Pets: Married to Simon, daughter Hannah, two cats Lilo & Stitch

Residing: Milton

Interests/Hobbies: Spending time with the family. Dance Mom cheering on H at competitions. Gardening, hiking and watching movies

Favourite Food: Pasta, any kind.  Love it!


Head Professional : Steve LeBlanc


Years of Service: 2 wonderful years at RattleSnake!

Family/Pets: Older brother and 2 nieces

Residing: Guelph

Interests/Hobbies: GOLF!, Snowboarding, Pool, NFL (Go Bills), Saving par from 50 yards left of the green.   

Favourite Food: Mexican - Tacos, Nachos, Quesadilla, Fajitas! All of it! Not too spicy though and no tree nuts please, I’m allergic. Thank you


Inventory Manager: Chris Forgan


Years of Service: 22

Family/Pets: Wife Jenn, Baby Forgan due in May

Residing: Moving to Hamilton in April

Favourite Movie: The Town

Favourite Food: Smashburger from The Burnt Tongue on Locke


Corporate Event Coordinator: Conor Clark


Years of Service: 1

Family/Pets: Youngest of 7

Residing: Stoney Creek

Interests/Hobbies: Volleyball, Movies, Hiking

Favourite Food: Carbonara


Clubhouse Manager : Beverly Finlayson


Years of Service: ClubLink since 1998 

Clubs previously worked at: North Halton GC, Lionhead GC, Blue Springs GC, Glencairn GC, and Eagle Trace and Palm Aire in Florida!

Residing:  Georgetown

Interests/Hobbies:  Spending time with family and friends, and a little bit of golf!

Favourite Food:  Love all foods most especially bakery items! 


Food and Beverage Manager : Michelle Inglehart

Years of Service: Third Season

Family/Pets: Black Cat Levi

Residing: Burlington

Interests/Hobbies: Ice Hockey and Ball Hockey

Favorite Food: Pizza


Hospitality Manager : Blair Shenton


Years: Fourth year

Family/Pets: wife of 11yrs Heather, two girls, Kenize 10, Sydney 8, and my dog Whisky 11yrs old

Reside: Hamilton

Hobbies: all sports!! 

Foods: all foods, except brussels sprouts (you can ask me why)


Catering and Sales Manager : Tanya Grove

Years of Service:  24 years

Family/Pets: My husband and I have a 12 year old son and a 8 year old daughter. We also have two dogs (fur children) that have been with us for a long time. Austin will be 17 and Cody will be 16 this year

Residing: We call Acton home…it's still worth the drive!

Interests/Hobbies: I love to bake but I must admit I don’t have many free hours to enjoy this hobby of late! I am also an avid reader and listener of books (all genres I like them all!). I am also a lover of makeup, skin & hair care. It really is a guilty pleasure when it comes to some of this stuff! Most importantly I love being a mom and hanging out with my kids.

Favourite Food: This is a hard one to narrow down but if I have to pick it would be a toss up between a really good sandwich and sushi. However, you cant forget about chocolate (the good stuff), and popcorn because I do believe it should be its own food group.


Executive Chef : Ryan deLeon

Years of Service: 9 - Glencairn (3), RattleSnake (6)

Family/Pets:15 year old son Aiden.  11 year old daughter Sadie.  No pets

Residing: Grew up in Brampton, Lives in Milton

Interests/Hobbies: Spending time with the family.  Baseball, Softball, Basketball.  Dining Out

Favourite Food: Depends how I feel. Sushi, Ramen, Good roast chicken are usually my favourite go to.


Executive Sous Chef : Joey Runtic


Years of Service: 2

Family/Pets: Single/None

Interest/Hobbies: Vegetable Gardening, Bonsai, Food (cooking AND eating!)

Favorite Food: Shawarma


Sous Chef : Ricardo Marchiani


Years of Service: 4 Years 

Family/Pets: no pets

Residing: Currently in Mississauga

Interests/Hobbies: Huge Foodie (Duh), love going to the gym, have been a gamer since I was a teen, skater, and slowly dabbling into the car community.

Favourite Food: Literally anything, but if we had to get specific, a good bowl of ramen will always cleanse the soul


Superintendent : Bill McCallister


24 years at Rattle, 28 with ClubLink

Live in Bolton

Hobbies: woodworking, home renovations, golf, baseball, cycling, reading, cooking,  turf nerd

Favourite food: something on the BBQ or smoker and Italian cuisine


Assistant Superintendent : Mike Banton


Years of Service: Newby 

Family: Wife, Amy of 20 years, two children, Kaitlyn (19), Carter (16)

Pets: Golden Retriever, Winnie (3)

Recent graduate of the University of Guelph Turfgrass Management Program. 

Extremely excited to join the team at RattleSnake and look forward to meeting the Members. 


Facilities Manager : Nancy Jameison

Years of Service: 4 years

Kids/Pets: I have 2 girls and 2 beautiful grandchildren

Residing: I live in Burlington

Hobbies: Love spending time at my trailer with the grandchildren 


Administrative Assistant : Erica Fox


Years of Service:  6

Family/Pets:  I have 2 daughters, Delia is 20 and Lacey is 17.  Teddy Bear is our 7 year old Shih tzu Springer Spaniel mix dog and Ginger is our 14 year old orange tabby rescue cat

Residing:  Grew up in BC but have lived in Milton for 21 years

Interests/Hobbies:  Hiking, Yoga, watching reality TV

Favourite Food:  Watermelon, lemon chicken, pizza, burritos from Guac Mexi Grill