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Lower Your Scores and Your Stress: Obedience Training For Your Brain

25 MAR 2021

Lower Your Scores and Your Stress: Obedience Training For Your Brain


Are you tired of choking, inconsistency and being mired in mediocrity?

Are you frustrated that you chronically underperform and self-sabotage?

Then, it’s time you learned how to use your brain like elite golfers.

And it’s easier than you think.

You can start by attending our upcoming webinar Lower Your Scores and Your Stress: Obedience Training For Your Brain, presented by performance coach and writer Tim O’Connor, co-host of the Swing Thoughts mental-game podcast.

Join us virtually on April 6, 2021, from 7-8 p.m. to learn skills used by top professional golfers to perform under pressure.

For only $149, Tim O’Connor will provide you with tools that you can put into practice immediately to play better golf.

“Training our minds to perform our best is far easier and less time consuming than most people realize, and pays immediate dividends in all parts of life,” says O’Connor, Head Coach of the University of Guelph golf team, and author of The Moe Norman Story.

To register, send an email to Nathan Robinson at

Upon registering, you will be sent the private zoom link for this exciting event. Space is limited so don’t delay registering.


Here’s what webinar participants have said:

“An engaged presenter who makes participants feel comfortable and involved, Tim walks through techniques that are easy to incorporate into your golf game and regular life.”

Jon, Vice President, Major Canadian wealth management company


“Tim’s experience as a coach, his use of personal experience and excellent storytelling skills makes him a highly effective presenter who connects with his audience.”

Wally Gabler, Associate Athletic Director, University of Guelph


“Tim taught our PGA of Ontario professionals what it means to be ‘present,’ and how to put that into practice. With his warm approach, Tim allows everyone to connect with their own experiences.” 

Melanie Van Der Hoop, Executive Director, PGA of Ontario


“Tim O’Connor’s webinar provided me with a number of great ideas that I could instantly put into action with athletes that I coach. I highly recommend Tim for one-on-one coaching or for group presentations.”

Mike Martz, PGA of Canada professional, Whistle Bear Golf Academy, Cambridge, Ontario