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RattleSnake Kitchen Update

24 APR 2020

RattleSnake Kitchen Update

As for many of us around the world, our roles and duties within our jobs and careers have changed dramatically over the last month and a bit. Nobody anticipated this, nobody was ready for what was going to happen next. We are hearing of new heroes daily around the world, the nurses, the front line staff, the truck drivers, the supermarket workers and many more. And we couldn't be more grateful. 

The day starts as normal, my usual morning coffee before I head in and the same roads up to the main entrance. It's when I reach the main entrance that reality sinks in. The bright orange cones blocking off the entrance, the winding route of the drive we are all familiar with is still there, but the majority of my work colleagues, including Ryan (Chef De Cusine) and Jason (Banquet Chef), take the first left and head over tp the turf building to meet Bill and Christine and get their duties and tasks for the day and help out however they can in getting the course ready for you all. Lots of planning is going into place with the ordering and SOP's of new chemicals and sanitizers that tackle COVID-19 for every department and every situation that we will now know as the new normal.

Some grocery stores are still struggling to keep up with the basics. The bakery section is always stretched thin, which in a way, makes me feel happy. Cooking at the end the day is a survival skill, and can make great activities for families. Carbs are comforting, kneading the dough is therapeutic (or a stress reliever), there is a distinct way yeast smells in the home. And bread is cross-cultural. Sourdough, naan or challah, and it makes us all feel more connected to family. Below are a few links to two great companies that our kitchen at Rattlesnake uses for protein and produce. They have switched their attention to pickups and deliveries for the public and offer great quality. So if you need some items that you can't find in the stores right now, they might have it. Woodward's pick up is in Oakville for all your protein needs and Fresh Start is based in Milton (near Glencairn & Greystone).


Stay safe, and we will see you soon.

Woodward's Meats -

Fresh Start Foods Produce -


Mark Stone  Executive Chef, RattleSnake Point Golf Club