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In the Hot Seat With Chef Mark Stone

08 MAY 2020

Q – Favourite piece of kitchen equipment?

A –As cliche as it sounds, I would say my hands.


Q – Why your hands?

A - At the end of the day, if you don't use your hands, is it really cooking? You need to understand ingredients and touch is key. Technology is great, but the information you get from your hands and your senses really is a complex thing.


 Q – Favourite golf club?

A – The one I have most accuracy hitting it straight and not slicing it, so most likely the putter.


Q – Top 3 ClubLink courses to play?

A – Would have to be the only ones that I have played, to be honest. Glencairn, Blue Springs and Lake Joseph. I have heard amazing things about Bill's conditions here at RattleSnake so I will have to try for sure. It's a very busy Club to find some downtime but one day I will.


Q – Favourite sports team and stadium?

A - Liverpool and where they play Anfield. Liverpool is my religion and Anfield is my church really. 


Q – Favourite golf course you’ve played outside of Canada?

A – Actually won a competition with 'Fresh Start' (our produce supplier) two years ago and I was taken to California on a produce tour of all the plants and farms there. They had arranged a round at 'SpyGlass Hill' which was amazing and then we had dinner at 'The Links At Spanish Bay'. Had a drink on the patio before the meal watching the bagpiper close the course. It was very impressive and a unique experience. 


Q – Favourite meal?

A –Being in England till the age of 18, I witnessed the transition of Indian Curry become so popular it took over our national dish of fish and chips. The thing that excites me about curry is there are so many varieties that burst with different spices and heat. You can really have some fun when making them, and just like a good stock, they can take half a day to make. Roasting the spices bring out totally different flavours, and the options are endless. You just create a new blend as you go for fun. Fun fact, chicken tikka masala is actually a Scottish dish.


Q – Favourite movie?

A – Have a few (Shawshank Redemption, Pulp Fiction, Goodfellas, Gladiator)


Q – Favourite vacation spot?

A – For the biggest culture shock definitely Egypt, and the pyramids are seriously impressive up close. Crazy, crazy drivers there. Their indication light is the horn. I didn't see one car without a scratch or dent on it. Barcelona is an amazing place too, and a special place for London, UK, when I go back home.


Q – Favourite restaurant?

A – I think for a chef it's always tough going out as we know the pricing of the ingredients and some of the markups the exclusive restaurants have in place, but I prefer to try and find the unknowns or the hidden gems in and around the cities. When on vacations, venture out and eat where the locals do. Sometimes you have to leave your comfort zone but it's well worth it. If you walk in a sushi restaurant and the chefs are French and German, you just keep walking straight past. Find the authentic locations.


Q – Favourite TV show?

A – Recently would have to be Peaky Blinders and Ozark. 


Q – What are you listening to right now?

A –Totally depends on the day with me. Could be The Beatles, Phil Collins or Queen one day and country the next. I am pretty open to enjoying most music unless it's the heavy screaming kind. Not a fan.