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Important Upcoming Events and Rules of the Week

27 JUN 2020

Important Teetime information

First Action Item – Staggered Opening Times

To reduce stress on the reservation software, we will take a staggered approach to opening. This change involves moving Members of Prestige-level Clubs into their own booking period 30 minutes prior to the regular opening time of LinkLine and LinkLine OnLine for Platinum, Gold and Silver-level Club Members. Note that on weekends limited prestige tee times before noon have always been available at all non-prestige clubs.  We have also implemented a waiting list for those having difficulty finding a time.  Please email to be added to the list.  

Second Action Item – Consistent Opening Times

The reservation system has historically opened at least 30 minutes ahead of the first tee time, which fluctuates throughout the year. We’ve had feedback that getting up at 6 a.m. on weekends to make a reservation for the following weekend is undesirable. Going forward with our new staggered approach to opening, combined with a change to the advanced booking window (see third action item below), LinkLine OnLine will now open at 6:30 a.m. for Prestige-level Club Members only. The LinkLine call center will open at 7 a.m. daily. For all Platinum, Gold and Silver-level Club Members, LinkLine and LinkLine OnLine will open at 7 a.m. seven days a week, all season long.

Third Action Item – Five Day Advanced Booking Window

Under the current seven day advance booking window, 27% of all reservations that are booked within the first 30 minutes of LinkLine OnLine opening each day are cancelled well before the day of play arrives. Moving to a five day advanced booking window will create greater accuracy with initial bookings and shifts the process for booking weekend morning tee times to a time when most Members are already up and planning their day. See the chart below for further clarity.

 We expect that the unprecedented demand for golf will continue for some time. In the meantime, we will do our best to keep everyone safe and on the golf course as much as possible.

 If you have questions or concerns, please contact me by email at or by phone at 905-878-6222 x 2001 

Upcoming Events

  • Now Open - clubhouse patios are now open for regular dining for lunch and dinner without the requirement of being pre-booked for golf
  • Now Open - Rattler (Academy Course)
  • Now Open – Teaching Academy is now open for Private and Semi-Private Lessons. Junior Camps & Women’s Clinics will begin on July 6th.  Contact for more information or to book your spot.  Visit for more information
  • June 29th – Golf Shop opens
  • June 29th – Range practice stations expand to 10 spaces per hour

Upcoming Member Events

  • Sunday, July 19 – Men’s & Women’s Captain’s Cup
  • August 1, 2 & 3 – Men’s Club Championship
  • August 2 & 3 – Women’s & Junior’s Club Championship
  • Sunday, August 16 – Generations Cup (Parent/Child)
  • Friday, August 21 – Men’s Member Guest (Save the date, details & format to follow)

Watch for the registration invites for each of these events in the coming days.  For more information contact Lorelle Weavers at


Rules of the week

Putting with the flagstick in & ball rejected by the flagstick or pin caddy

I’m sure we have all had it happen to ourselves or at least someone in our group.  COVID-19 has not only presented challenges in our everyday lives now the precautions in place are costing us all shots on the golf course.  What is the ruling when I hit a putt that is just about to drop but it hits the flag or the pin caddy and doesn’t drop? 

Rule 6.5 – Completing Play of a Hole

A player has completed a hole:

  • In match play, when:
    • The player holes out or the player’s next stroke is conceded, or
    • The result of the hole is decided (such as when the opponent concedes the hole, the opponent’s score for the hole is lower than the player possibly could make or the player or opponent gets the general penalty (loss of hole)).
  • In Stroke Play, when the player holes out under Rule 3.3c

 Drop Zones

There have been some questions surrounding drop zones and when they are in play.  The drop zones have put in place to help improve the enjoyment of the game and the pace of play.  These drop zones are not in accordance to the Rules of Golf outlined by the R&A and USGA, however, we have put a local rule in place for some of our club events.  Here is a guide to help you know when it is acceptable to use the drop zones.

  • Local Rule Allowing for Drop zones:
    • Ladies Day
    • Senior’s League
    • Casual Round of Golf with your friends (provided you have agreed upon this prior to the round)
    • Member Events to the rule sheet
  • When Drop zones are not in play:
    • Men’s Night
    • Match Play Events
    • Member Events refer to the rule sheet – Club Championship

If you are ever unsure, please ask us in the Golf Shop.