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Health & Safety - 911 - AED

05 JUN 2020

Emergencies, accidents and incidents happen!  We want you to know: We are prepared!  We have employees on-site who are certified in First Aid, CPR and Defibrillation.  We have multiple first aid kits in keys areas.  Our AED and Oxygen tank along with a first aid kit and AED are located in the Pro Shop.  Our Pro Shop is open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.   Call 911 in any emergency!  Immediately following the 911 call, please call directly to the Pro Shop - 905-693-8504.  We will mobilize our emergency trained staff to the accident site to provide immediate assistance until paramedics arrive.  We will bring our First Aid kits, Oxygen and Defibrillator!  Once we are aware an ambulance has been called, we can send someone to the gate to meet them.  Our staff will go to our emergency response radio channel in order to communicate effectively. 

You can direct us to call 911 when you see a health and a safety concern. Please consider placing this contact information directly into your cell phone.  If the line is not answered, any member of staff can use their radios to communicate with our team.


We hope there will be no need to put these Safety Procedures into play. We want everyone to be safe and enjoy a great season!