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14 MAY 2022

Handicap Education

The weather improved significantly over the past month and hopefully so too will your scores and enjoyment of golf. 

Your Committee has provided the below information to help improve understanding of scoring and handicap terms.

  • Always enter your score so your Handicap is always accurate.
  • Handicap index is a measure of your potential.
  • Each tee box has a different Slope and Rating so ensure you play the correct one.
  • Handicap is calculated using the lowest 8 scores of your most recent 20 Score Differentials and updated with each new round played.
  • Handicap index will change depending on what colour tee block you play from. The handicap index is determined by the Course Rating and Slope Rating for the set of tees played. 
  • When a player has completed the minimum number of holes for either a 9 or 18 holes score to be acceptable, but not the full 9 or 18 holes:
    • A score of Net Par must be recorded for the remaining holes.
      • Net Par= Par + strokes applied.
    • When a player starts, but does not complete a hole, the score recorded for handicap purposes is a ‘most likely score’.
  • Maximum score for each hole is Net Double Bogey, which is Par + 2 strokes + Handicap strokes (if applicable).
    • If you are not sure, enter your actual score and the system will adjust for handicap purposes.


Please contact your handicap committee members if you have questions, need clarification, or have suggestions.

2022 Handicap Committee Members:

Nancy Cloutier -

Gail Deitz -

Steven Sotnick -

Amarjit Singh Tathgur -

Trevor Ellis -

Michael Walsh -

Brian Gore -



Brian Gore

Handicap Committee Chair