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Golf Course Care

25 JUN 2022

Golf Course Care


Thank you for helping to maintain our golf courses by fixing ball marks, divots, raking bunkers, and parking golf carts on paths.


Ball Marks

Please repair ball marks with the proper technique to keep our  greens looking and rolling great.



Unrepaired divots create scars and damage that may not heal for many months or ever. 

Please repair divots or fill with sand/seed. 



The greens have fully recovered from any injury or setback that occurred over the winter.

Greens are being mowed at peak season height of cut and regularly rolled to improve ball roll and speed.  

For daily hole locations, we use a Traffic and Playability Management System for an equal combination of front, middle and back pins and left, center, and right pins.

Golf Carts

Please park power carts on the paths and use the paved paths to limit power cart traffic damage. 

Power carts are not allowed near greens and tee boxes.

Our RattleSnake Point grasses go dormant brown during severe summer weather as a survival method and will unfortunately die under golf cart traffic. 

Green grass means it's healthy and can handle light power cart traffic; brown is bad and should not be driven on.


Rakes in the bunkers are back and help keep the bunkers playable by smoothing them out.  

Please place the rakes inside the bunkers.



Please do not drive power carts into the fescue areas.