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Golf Operations Update

04 SEP 2020

To our members and guests, the Golf operations department would like to say a very big thank you. Your cooperation, support and understanding during this new normal has been very appreciated.

Back in March, we were highly anticipating the 2020 golf season when the world stopped. For a period of time, the delay and all golf activities were in limbo. When given the go ahead our staff accepted the new challenges of providing great, safe service. The biggest challenge we faced was the use of power and push carts. Solutions for all the touch points were evolving and implemented to provide sanitized, clean, safe carts. We continue to adjust and improve our service levels as directed by staff suggestions, ClubLink and the governments.

As we move into the fall season, we would ask for member and guest cooperation to complete the season. Please be mindful that we now use double the number of power carts during the day. When you have completed your round please return power and pull cart to the cart return area at the north end of the parking lot. At that time, please remove any garbage to help reduce our staff touch points. If you are going to enjoy the Bistro, please walk over so we can sanitize and prepare the carts for the next member or guest. We are in the process of numbering all of our pull carts. Please note the number on your power or pull cart in case we need to retrieve lost items, it can make the search and return of your items easier.

I am very proud of our Golf Operations team here at Rattlesnake Point. The team, along with your continued support and cooperation, will strive to make your golf fun, enjoyable and safe in these very different times.

Gary Hay, Golf Operations Manager