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Golf News and Reminders

25 JUN 2021

Golf News & Reminders

We continue to extend our appreciation to our Members for their support and cooperation during our first month of opening. The endless smiles that we see day to day speak a thousand words of how everyone is feeling and your gratification to be a part of RattleSnake is truly a rewarding feeling for all of us here.  We are all looking forward to getting back to normal but until then we will continue to follow the guidelines that have been set out by the province. 

With additional amenities and services slowly and potentially returning we would like to be prepared for when this takes place. Couple of things we ask our Members to assist us in preparing. We would like to ensure all our Members have a RattleSnake bag tag for their golf bag, this will be required when using bag storage. 



AED’s & Emergencies - Emergencies can occur in many forms, anywhere and anytime. We would like to remind all Members that an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is located at every ClubLink property. Defibrillation is the delivery of an external electrical current into the heart muscle. If successful, this “shock” stops the uncontrolled electrical activity and allows the heart’s normal beating to resume. If you suspect someone is having a heart attack, call for help immediately and have an employee locate the AED. ClubLink has taken the initiative to certify several employees at each property in the use of these AED’s to help in the case of a health & safety emergency. 

Bag Drop & Club Storage Is now available.  Club cleaning is not available currently.  Locker rooms will remain closed until government restrictions allow.  Contact if you need to have a locker assigned.

Divots & Ball Marks it is important we all do our part to maintain the excellent condition of our golf course.  One of golf’s most important etiquette rules is to leave the golf course the way you found it.  Please ensure you are taking the time to replace or fill your divots, repair ball marks (even if your ball rolls off the green), and encourage your playing partners to do the same.

Ice – our staff located at the bag drop area will be more than happy to fill your cooler when you pick up your cart

Tee times – please ensure that you add all Members and Guest names to your booking online before your round to ensure proper billing. Check with the starter that all cart or guest charges are noted properly.

Tee Time Waiting List – Please email with any waiting list requests and provided the following information; desired tee time including date and time, names of the players in the group (weekends before 11am RattleSnake only Members), and contact phone number.

Masks - must be worn when walking through the clubhouse, moving around the patio, or if you are riding with someone from outside of your household.


How To:

Member tutorial: set your favorite courses – view here

Member tutorial: add a friend to tee times – view here



Tee time Booking: 

The other important thing to remember is that if the member has an existing time, the system will not offer a time within five hours of that time. This happens often when two members in the same foursome are trying to book.  Once the first one is successful, the second member will already have a booking and will not be offered a time within five hours of that booking.

Cancellation Policy: 

48 hours online, within the 48 hours please call LinkLine or the golf shop.

Hole in One: 

Those who score a hole in one will receive a plaque to commemorate their accomplishment. In addition, golfers and non-golfing members who are present during a one-hour period following the round will be entitled to a complimentary celebratory beverage.

Patio reservations: 

Need to be made if you do not have a pre-booked tee time or range time.

Prime and opportunity rounds:  

Opportunity rounds begin at 1 p.m. Saturday, Sundays, and holiday Monday’s cost $115

Cart fees: 

Charged per individual riders.

Glen Abbey booking: 

Members have access to Glen Abbey throughout the week for a reciprocal fee of $97 including cart. The reciprocal fee will be waived when a Member introduces three or more guests. Tee times can be booked up to five days in advance and are subject to availability.

Muskoka Bookings:

Save 20% off the regular rate anytime for full golf Members.

Save 50% off on our last-minute booking program when reserving 48 hours or less prior to arrival.

Save 50% on select June dates previously sent without waiting to book at the last minute. No July dates are available for advance booking at 50% off.


Nate Robinson, Director of Golf