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Full Circle (so far)

11 JUN 2019

It was starting to come into focus following the PGA Championship. If ever there was a comfy landing spot waiting for us on a bandwagon, the Brooks Koepka coronation seemed exactly the place to fall in line and sway to the music. Four majors in two years and currently holding those two back-to-backs. Where do we hop on again? 

Except, I already have two punched tickets in my pocket from earlier this year. Rory would clean up from TPC Sawgrass through the summer and wrap it up with a home soil Open Championship victory at Royal Portrush. Instead, the Tiger renaissance at Augusta had us drop Rory and welcome a summer of
Mock Neck shirts as we remembered how to count backward from 18 again heading into the rest of the 2019 Major season.  

But Brooks! Oh, Brooks. Turns out it’s your time. 128 over the opening 36 holes at Bethpage Black! Absolute separation from your peers in a Major on a stud track.

Oh wait, we’re back to McIlroy again – I gotta keep up. Because following that incredible show by Rory in Hamilton over the weekend, my neck stiffness has returned as I keep looking for that one true Beacon to follow.

Or have I got this all wrong. Do we really need to keep up our constant search for an absolute? Our seeming need to have a Tiger once again. 

It was comfortable when Tiger reigned supreme and unmatched. There were only two paths to follow. Like him or don’t like him. That was it. Debating if someone was better was just yelling into the wind. It didn’t matter and no one was listening. It seems like we want that again. But the truth is that may never happen again. There are too many great players now to see that type of dominance again. Different players will get their share of the spotlight but I think we would be wrong to point it at Brooks or Rory and tighten it into place. There is a lot of important golf left to play this year and a lot of very talented players will have a say in how this plays out.

So maybe we should settle in and enjoy the variety because if Brooks or Rory actually could grab this game and hold it for himself, we might miss this time of parity and multiple personalities fighting for our attention. It may be a bit exhausting resetting that spotlight again and again, but it’s a lot of fun.