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Frost Delays

03 OCT 2020

Cool, crisp mornings in the fall bring the risk of frost delays. How often your morning round is affected by frost will depend on the weather and a variety of other factors. Rule of thumb; frost is possible when overnight temperatures are below 5 degrees with clear skies.

If you are worried about a potential frost delay, here are some steps you can take to check on conditions at the course before leaving home.

1 – Check RattleSnake's Instagram Account @rattlesnakepointgolfclub
2 -  Check your email from RattleSnake for an update
3 – Call the golf shop to see if your tee time has changed

Please adjust your arrival time accordingly and plan to arrive at the club no more than 30 minutes before your tee time in order to ensure we don't have any unnecessary gatherings. Initial frost delay tee times may change throughout the morning, please check back again in case the initial delay had been shortened, normally by mid morning.

A reminder that walking or driving over frost-covered grass may rupture plant cells, leading to dead turf. If frost remains in areas that are unavoidable early in the round, the course must remain closed. It is also important to remember that once the frost is totally clear, the turf staff will need time to catch up on course preparations before play can begin.

Click here to watch a great video with some helpful information on frost delays courtesy of the USGA.  

Nate Robinson
Director of Golf