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First Golfers of 2022

14 APR 2022

CopperHead - L-R: Joseph Smirlies, Michael Jalonen, John LaBella (HP) 


SideWinder: L-R: Mark Cerkownyk, Mark D. Merritt, Thomas Morita


Get Fit – Golf Fitting Days are Coming

Why get fitted for golf clubs?  Would you buy a suit or dress for several thousand dollars and take it off the display rack without trying it on or doing alterations to fit your body? 

Unknowingly, you may be using clubs that are too short, too long, too light, too heavy, the wrong lie angle, or the wrong design, which may influence your golf swing not allowing you to reach your full potential.

You will also learn how club specifications influence ball flight and how adjustments in those specifications will improve your distance, control, and trajectory, leading to more enjoyment of the game we all love.

Please review the schedule below and contact Chris Forgan at to book a date and time. 


Golf Brand

Fitting Dates


May 5 & 31

June 2


June 30

July 21


May 24

June 16


May 5


Sundays 11AM – 4PM

Book here or at


League Registration is now open!

Men’s Night, Women's Day, Senior Men’s League and Senior Women's Day registrations are now open! Click HERE to register and view our member events directory.


FootJoy Gloves – Buy 3 Get 1 FREE

Start your season with the best gloves in golf.  Please contact Chris Forgan ( to place your order.