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Farmers Need Our Support Now More Than Ever

27 JUN 2020

Canadian farmers and food businesses work extremely hard so Canadians have quality food on their grocery store shelves, your kitchen tables at home and inside RattleSnake Point's kitchen. In these times of uncertainty, it is now more important than ever to make sure that they are supported so they can continue providing the good, healthy food that nourishes our families and members.
Summer officially started over the weekend, and with its arrival, many people start to get excited and more passionate about the weekly abundance of fresh food produce and food available. Local food has had less travel time and most produce we see in the grocery stores was actually picked extremely unripe abroad and left to ripen in transit without the natural process of sunlight to make the produce have its fresh taste or nutrients.
The best thing about having a great location like RattleSnake Point to work at is the number of local farms and purveyors literally right at our doorstep. Take advantage in the summer months with the family and try out a few pick your own farms. You will be generating much-needed revenue for the farm and also keeping their labour down a little as you are picking the fruits or vegetables yourselves.
Locally grown food is good for the environment and for sustainability because good farmers ensure that the land is well kept with minimal, if any, usage of chemicals and fertilizers. These practices can sequester carbon, and they can also help ensure proper natural habitats for wildlife. Shopping at the farms also reduces extra packaging, and we truly get to know where our food comes from and how it is produced, which relates to healthier choices for all of us.
So visit the farmers' markets, go to the farms directly, look for local in the grocery stores, educate the children and enjoy what Ontario has to offer and support those who build and feed our communities. And remember, without farmers, we would be hungry, naked and more importantly, stone-cold sober.
Mark Stone, Executive Chef, RattleSnake Point Golf Club