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Food and Beverage News: February 2023

17 FEB 2023

As 2023 kicks into gear, we identified five of the top trends to look out for!  In the food and beverage industry, standards are constantly emerging and changing, we’ve narrowed in on five trends you should anticipate this year.



For quite some time, plant-based alternatives for meat and dairy products have been on the rise and evolving at a rapid pace, which is why it’s No. 1 on our list. While the plant-based trend isn’t new, the continued growth it has experienced over the last five years is substantial. According to food and beverage analytics company Spoonshot, interest in alternative foods—alt-dairy, alt-meat and alt-seafood—increased 262% between Jan. 2016 and April 2022, largely driven by perceived health benefits, concerns over animal welfare and sustainability.



While consumers are on the search for better-for-you foods and beverages, they are also eager to learn where exactly everything comes from. Simply put, long lists of ingredients are turnoffs for consumers, who now crave less-processed foods with more natural ingredients. Nearly 70% of consumers said simple, recognizable ingredients influence their purchasing decisions.  With this “transparent supply chain” trend comes interest in supporting innovative farming technologies and other advancements that are going to help lessen our carbon footprint and extend the planet’s life span, such as regenerative agriculture, vertical farming, crop rotation and plant breeding.



Sustainability is at the forefront of almost every industry as of late—with a spotlight on the food and beverage industry. More consumers are paying attention, specifically to company sustainability initiatives, which include everything from recyclable packaging to new economies being created in underserved areas.

Big-name brands like Coca-Cola and General Mills, for example, have spearheaded initiatives to create recyclable packaging for their products, while also working to sustainably source some of their ingredients and create tangible goals for the upcoming years.



Over the years, F&B fads have come and go, but one thing has remained the same: a focus on health and wellness. The majority of consumers continue to make healthy choices at least some of the time, and nearly half said they are choosing healthy foods more often compared to 2020, indicating the perceived association of healthy eating and a strong immune system continues to influence consumer choices.



With the rise of hot chicken, spice-infused cocktails (and spirit-free creations), and global flavors that pack the heat, consumers are drawn to spice. Interestingly, almost three-quarters of global consumers said they like food and drink products with new and unusual or exotic flavors, overall, the most popular answer was a desire to try new flavors from around the world.  Covid-19 lockdowns and travel restrictions have inspired people to ‘travel’ by exploring other cultures through food from their own home kitchens.


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