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Driving Range & Blue Flags Policy

14 MAY 2022


Driving Range

The driving range is open and the weather is starting to feel like summer!

To help navigate using the practice range, please see below information.

  • Hours of operation:
    • Opens daily 30 minutes before the first tee time.
      • Wednesdays: Opens at 9AM due to grass cutting/maintenance.
    • Closes 1 hour before sunset.
      • Tuesday nights: Closes 2 hours before sunset for cleaning/maintenance.
  • 30 stations will be setup daily:
    • 8 spots for players with tee-times.
    • 16 spots for general practice.
    • 6 stations at the back range.
    • Stations will be rotated daily, as per picture below.
  • Pre-booking practice range time not required; range is open to all ClubLink members.
  • Greeter:
    • Please advise greeter when you arrive if planning to use the range.
    • Greeter will help control traffic and ensure a spot is available for you to use.
  • Club cleaning stations are available across the range.
  • Chipping/Bunker area located behind the Halfway House.
  • Putting Green located by Starters Hut between holes #1 of CopperHead and SideWinder.
  • Practice balls and club cleaning stations will be cleaned daily.

Please contact the Golf Shop or Greeter if you have any questions or require assistance with the practice facilities.


We recognize some golfers have medical physical limitations, which make it difficult to golf without the use of a golf cart, and in some cases may require special access to typically sensitive areas of the course to limit walking distance.

We provide 'blue flag' labelled carts for golfers requiring special access. The blue flag indicates to other golfers and staff that the golfer has special access to areas not normally accessible by carts. This allows the golfer to minimize physical demands, maintain appropriate pace of play, and enjoy the game.   

Weather and turf conditions may restrict all cart traffic to paths (no blue flag access provided) to prevent damage to the golf course. Golfers requiring blue flag access should always check with the golf shop on days following significant weather events, to confirm availability.

Restricted areas: Carts shall NOT be taken onto these areas and must exit to the path at least 10 yards from greenside approach and greenside bunker and penalty areas.


Golfers with blue flag access must pay close attention to turf conditions and avoid sensitive/wet areas when traveling to their ball to prevent damage to the course.  

Passengers: These special access rules are intended to assist the golfers with physical limitations only.  Cart use to and from the passenger player’s ball, who does not have medical or physical limitations requiring a blue flag, shall conform to normal cart etiquette and rules of use.

Blue flags provided by the Club shall be returned to the golf shop upon completion of the round.  Golfers are not permitted to use or affix their own blue flags without approval from the golf shop.