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12 APR 2023

Introduced mid-season last year, the ADOPT-A-HOLE program will be back at RattleSnake Point Golf Club for the 2023 season. If you are unfamiliar with how the program works, we have assigned a hole to a group of Members based on the first letter of your surname. This hole is now yours to nurture; please do your best to take every opportunity to make it the best conditioned hole on the golf course.

You can help by ensuring that the tee boxes remain free of broken tees, and that divots are filled. Please replace your divot on the fairway and empty your sand and seed bottles to fill as many others as you can. Once you arrive on the green, please be sure to fix your ball mark, and a few others for good measure.

Doing your part will help make the course a place you can be proud to call your own. And of course, be sure to keep track of which holes belong to your playing partners and keep them accountable to their holes and that they follow your lead. With your continued support and effort, we can make 2023 the best turf conditions RattleSnake Point has seen to date. It is certainly a reachable goal if we work together.


Craig Cupido

Director of Operations