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A Summer Update From Bill McAllister

27 JUN 2020

When we get into our first sustained droughts every year we begin to see the deficiencies in our irrigation system. Our overhead sprinklers do not cover 100% of the playing surfaces (many of the primary’s roughs are not covered). We also get to see where the sprinklers are not functioning properly. An audit of all 1500 heads is performed every spring and we repair anything that we see. Once we get into droughts we then see what has malfunctioned since our audit. Many overheads stop turning, get damaged by mowers, get clogged with debris and develop electrical issues from satellites to heads. 

Recently we have heads stuck on from nightly cycles or damaged heads flood during operation and this leaves a soaked and somewhat unplayable playing surface.
We also have heads that do not run or are at limited pressure. This leaves the ‘brown’ unirrigated area that is unsightly. 
I apologize for any of these issues and we work endlessly on getting everything repaired. Our system is over 20 years old and we do make every effort to keep it in excellent repair but everything breaks eventually. 
I Would like to remind everyone to please enter and exit the bunkers from the low side. Climbing up the sand faces of the bunkers leaves deep footprints, caves in the sand and makes playability very poor for many days until the sand firms up.
Please also refrain from using the sand face to enter and exit on the practice bunkers. 
Thanks and see you on the course!
Bill McAllister, Golf Course Superintendent