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2023 Committee Members

05 OCT 2022

2022 Committee Members

First, we want to thank the 2022 Committee Members for their hard work in making this unique season one to remember.  The hours and guidance we receive from the committee Members help the Club provide the experience you are looking for and on behalf of the management team, we want to thank them all for their support. 

This is the last year for our Captains who have volunteered their time to make your experience great.

Ladies Captain – Heather Dopfer-Pedersen 2017-22

Ladies Senior Captain – Lyna Newman 2021-22

Men’s Captain – Otto Trozzolo 2019-22

Men’s Senior Captain – Greg Bright 2005-22

A special thank you to Greg Bright who has been the Captain of the Senior’s League since its inception.  Greg has been in this role for 16 years and has been an amazing ambassador for the club and the Members.  He has contributed to your experience by growing the league to more than 200 Members, spearheading the RattleSnake Charity which has raised more than $750,000 for local charities and, “Beatin’ Back the Boredom” with his winter updates.  We want to thank Greg for everything he has done, and we look forward to seeing him next season after his winter break in Arizona.    

The 2023 Committee will be comprised of the following Members: 

Men’s Captain – Dan Colagiacomo

Men’s Vice Captain – Paul Mann

Women’s Captain – Louise Smith

Women’s Vice Captain – Lyna Newman

Men’s Senior Captain – Peter Gee

Men’s Senior Vice Captain – Howie Wark

Women’s Senior Captain – Cindy Uffelmann

Women’s Senior Vice Captain – Nancy Cloutier

Thank you to all the Members who have volunteered their time to make this Club great. It is not always easy to be a Committee Member. For more information about the committees please click HERE.


Craig Cupido

Regional Director of Operations

RattleSnake Point Golf Club